Uber Project  - Visual Treatment 

collat 1.jpg

Lots of attention on the details, allows us to play with the lights of London, build up an initially ambiguous picture of the driver. Misjudgement throughout the video, we present it that way - we want the viewer to misjudge him .. we move from sympathy to violence, to suspicion - each chapter presented in the small details - shoot in the car then outside the car. Create distance, then uncomfortable closeness. Depending on the closeness of the two inside. Perhaps the driver is torn, or tormented in some way, but trying to disguise it, leading to suspicion. He seems warm, but everything else suggests he's not. Cosmo can nail that.  Lean on the night time lights for visuals - long exposure, light streaks.


We can use the car radio to set moods / be smart  - we can really play with that. I really like the overheard conversations from the end of 'You were never..." -> perhaps we leave a tape recorder somewhere in London, maybe even in an uber and hope to get it back. See what we get from it. Perhaps there's something there. Adds to 'sonder' element. 



This shot is well within our reach


I love the delicate details in 'her' and in 'you were never..' .. I feel they tell so much about the characters - squishing jellybeans etc. 




Shooting in traffic 

Confined space for dialogue, and details