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Video Strategy Outline

Hi Mel and David!

After researching your online presence, looking at competitors in the video space and through productive talks with Daniel and John - I've put together a series of proposals that I think will really boost your online video presence.

The team that I have consulted includes a very talented VFX and animation supervisor called Daniel Hawkins , who's recent clients include Puma, Adidas, SuperOrganism, he is ideal because of his ability to shoot both live action and animation.. I also have a number of directors depending on who is most suitable to any potential final product. I've also consulted with Henry Napier Brown, a freelance producer of considerable talent. Should this be in line with your aims, I'd be very excited to see what we can create as I feel like it could be something really great. 

Would love to get a meeting set up, as the below is just a rough outline of what's possible. I'm really excited about the potential final product, I am really eager to help boost the TKN image online, as I think that these video's have the potential to look great as well as make a tangible difference to your online image.

Primary Video Series: What is TKN - Aimed at Mass Market

The aim of this strategy is to attract a broader user to the platform

Video One: Introduction to TokenCard (App, card and Wallet): a basic introduction introducing the uninformed to Tokencard and everything that it has to offer. 

Video Two: Introduction to the TKN (Cash and Burn) Animation: Aimed at explaining the concept to the wider market. 

Video Three: User Scenario's: A series of short films showing the cards in action. 

Video Four: Behind the Scenes at TokenCard - Motivation, building on current video (Aimed at initiated): A wealth of opportunity to build the brand image, and to convey the passion of the founders. 

Video Five: Educational Series (Basics of what is Blockchain)to establish as the wiki for crypto

VIDEO ONEIntroduction to TKN and TokenCard (App, card and Wallet)

This first video aims to explain clearly what the Card, Wallet and App offer the everyday user, and why it is such a powerful tool. Heroic tone, and explaining why Token is better than the alternatives currently on the market..

Length: 5 minutes

Structure: Open with a little information about the power of the blockchain and the Ethereum economy, and the limitations of crypto-currencies..  Token card is the answer to those limitations. Show the card in action and explain the wallet and the token through animations. 

What is the Tokencard? 

We will combine a blend of animation and live action sequences of people paying with the card. We will clearly explain what can you do with it (video of the card in action, in nice shops, buying coffee), and how it links to the app and the contract wallet.  Want to portray how the app is reimagining the way users manage their token finances by showing this in action – transaction appearing on someone’s phone as they are leaving a shop.

Include the advantages of the new issuer:

- Shipping globally and NFC contactless from day one!

Visa had a nicely shot sequence to highlight the ease of their apple pay feature, good reference. 

Visa had a nicely shot sequence to highlight the ease of their apple pay feature, good reference. 

What is the Token Contract Wallet? 

We would create a short animation explaining the advantages of the contract wallet. I want to make sure this communicates how the wallet secures users’ assets and enforces user-set spending and security parameters.

Smart Contract Wallet (Visually show this in action) Key points to highlight: 

The Contract Wallet acts as the equivalent of a bank account that holds funds and enforces security parameters, but, crucially, it is controlled only by the user. Users run through a setup wizard and are prompted to customize settings to fit their preference, including:

 • Setting daily limits to safeguard assets

• Setting up a base currency for example ETH (any fiat deposited into this will automatically convert upon load).

What is the Token App?

A short animation showing how this app is the main way users interact with the wallet and Tokencard.. visually is there a concept of the app designed that we can animate?

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Video Two: What is the TKN: (Animation heavy aimed at masses)

Explain using a simple animation as well as live action sequences clearly what the TKN token is, how the cash and burn works. 

Length: 3 Minutes

Highlight that TKN is a special kind of Ethereum token. It is an asset backed token where the underlying assets represent an accumulation of different ERC20 tokens over time. Whenever a TokenCard is swiped, the transaction incurs a 1% licensing fee which accrues to the TKN Asset Contract. Some points:

The licensing fee is denominated in the token used

TKN holders have a pro-rata claim on the TKN Asset Contract

Users paying with TKN do not incur this licensing fee  (or 0.5% as stated on website)

This can be done in a neat animation – clearly outlining the unique structure of the asset contract. Explain how the token will eventually equate to a diversified portfolio of the most popular tokens on the Ethereum network –

The below video acts as a good reference. 

This video by status, which is very well done and well animated is a good reference for what we can hope to achieve if we have the right budget in place. 

Video Three

Length: two mini films each one minute long 

‘What is TokenCard’ Series: User Scenarios - Short  films for 2 or 3 of user scenarios to help people visualise the power of TKN card.

The idea is to create a futuristic reality, making sure that these don’t look like a fantasy but shooting them with a sci-fi tone. These are again aimed at the mass market.

Remittance to mom

The narrative is someone sending money back to their home country by setting up a token card for their mum in another country – shows the mother using the card at ATM’s and the son transferring it directly on the Etherium blockchain in just 15 seconds.



James in California

He doesn’t trust US banks or the dollar’s stability and therefore, by using the Tokencard system he is able to sell a little bit of each of his tokens and use the proceeds to fund his purchases.

James in California

James in California

The next videos are aimed at the initiated, to better inform those that are already in the know and to build the reputation and image of the company. 

Video Four: Behind the scenes at Tokencard

Our Motivation - what makes the office special (cinematic) ‘this is where we work’ and how we work .. Convey the environment and the passion. Things that matter – belief in the company, people that want to build a once in a generation solution that will endure, part of that will come from the zeal of the founders.. ‘I joined because…’

I think that we can really build on this video, we can explain more visually the advantages of the card, the office, and the motivations behind the team. 

Optional Educational Video's:  Introduction to crypto/blockchain: What are Crypto Currencies, and how are they unique – mainly animation (lots of these videos on the internet or ready, but useful for establishing TokenCard as the Hub of knowledge for Crpyto / Tokens)

I think that these video's will give you a really solid platform to launch future video's, and I think that this will help establish yourselves as a base for  people to come and educate themselves about crypto currencies as well as build hype about the Token Card..

We would be ideally placed to then create exciting launch video's, and build on the series once appropriate. It will create hype, and an online presence that I think the existing community will really appreciate, as well as bringing in myriad new users. 


The Production Company 

The videos will be produced by myself and Henry Napier Brown, a freelance producer with which I have worked on many productions. His clients include the BFI, Heineken, Rankin Studio as well as music videos with Sam Smith amongst other very visual and commercial work.


Depending on the scale and style of these videos, I am confident that we can get it done within a suitable budget. The videos propsed aren't cheaap, but we have a huge amount of options available.