Token Card Creative Portrait Overview

Looking at the space of the office, and considering that we are after a black background, the below references are an example of what we can achieve. Low key, dramatic light, with low saturation. The below references are from other photographers work that are only for reference of the style and what we can hope to achieve. Usually I'd have time to shoot you a prototype in my studio, but under the strict time constraints I'm going to have to replace that stage with the following references: 

Creative Portrait Concepts crypto .jpg

Style 1 

If we are able to kill all the lights in the meeting room, then a shot similar to this can be achieved. We can eliminate all background from the shot. 


Style 2

This type of shot has increased drama because of the extra shadow. This is a bit dramatic, but could look cool depending on the style of your site. 


Style 3

Classically lit, and a but more plain - but again I think we can achieve this in the office judging from the photo's that I have received. 

Other options - Heavy shadow black and white



If we went black and white, we can achieve something in the style of the above. Now, it won't be as high quality as these shoots, but we can achieve something similar in style and aesthetic. Could look really cool. 


There is myriad other styles and choices, but I felt these are a blend of the darker more professional styles that incorporate a black background. If you'd like to see a variation or any other idea's - I will prepare them for you. 

Availability for Thursday (10am onward) and Friday (Full day) 


Shoot full day (£790) 

full days post processing (£250) for delivery on Monday. 

Event shoot on Monday (Sushi Samba) - (£290) including post processing  

Total costs would come to £1330 


Any questions, call any time on 07837518918 - I understand time is of the essence. Things move fast in the start up world! 


Tristan Bejawn