Tristan Bejawn

Hi guys. Thank you for coming to visit the studio in Bermondsey, was great to meet you. I understand that you are mainly looking for videographers to add to your roster, but you mentioned that you are always on the look out for photographers too, so I wanted to introduce my work to you. I am  versatile as a photographer, and can deliver in a wealth of different styles. Please take a look at the sample of my work below, and if you would like to see more I'd be more than glad to show you. 

About Me

My strengths are in portraiture, lifestyle, travel and events.


Fluent and versatile, this is my most relevant specialty. For a glance at the full gallery please click below



I understand that travel does not make up much of the agencies work load, however I approach my event photography much like my travel photography - aiming to photogenically capture the mood of the day through control of interesting light and focusing on people. Had a 9 page 'In Pictures' feature in National Geographic Traveller in May 2017


I've shot a number of corporate events, weddings and parties. I aim to deliver visually arresting shots in line with the clients marketing aims. 


I shoot on a digital Leica M-P (Typ 240) - 25mb files  - Portraiture I have full studio lighting and use predominantly the 50mm Leica APO Summicron  

Film - Mamiya RZ67 (Medium Format) 

Video - Sony As7ii, Nikon D750 (Timelapses) 


I am open to a variety of rates, as I like to be busy, however I currently generally work off the following rates: 

Portraiture day rate - £420 inc. gear hire and lighting 

Events day rate - £300 Inc. gear hire

Post production - £250 per day 



Thanks for your consideration - feel free to call on 07837518918, I'd be keen to chat. I do also shoot video, putting together a relevant reel for consideration, but looking to include some recent projects so might be a while.