Mont Jake - Pearly Clouds feat. Assassin and Bounty Killer

Director: Christian Swain

Director of Photography: Tristan Bejawn

Proposed shoot date: Sunday 21st  August   //    Location: Brixton   // Budget: £1000  // Contact: 


Jake enters barber shop, and sits down waiting for haircut. Spots keyboard in the corner and gestures to barber.. gets keyboard and starts playing and as he does the track kicks in on close up of keys. Cuts to footage of him in the chair, lots of photogenic 50 frame closeups.. dusting off cape, attaching cape, prepping scissors and clippers, disinfectant close up. Follow this up with shots of haircut and sitting back in chair singing while potentially getting shave. 

Assassin feature kicks in - we cut to a shot of people watching the video in the barbershop, can also include the shot of assassin on the TV, then cut to a shot of some younger people watching it on their phones in the street. 

Interlace this with footage of performance on the roof, at sunset transitioning into night on Bryns breakdown. 

Video draws to a close with night time footage from the rooftop with Jake sitting and watching the city pass by, trains and people etc. Just a slower end to the track and we can cut in some really nice night footage using some fast glass. 

Barbershop Mood Board

Assassin Breakdown

We will use shots of assassin on TV and on iPhone.  


Bryn Breakdown

Love interest spotted form inside the barbershop.. or just night footage on the roof. 



Barber Location

Proposed date of filming: Sunday 21st August 07:00 - 10:00

Barbershop, located near rooftop for ease of logistics.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 22.21.14.png

Rooftop Location

We think that we can interlace footage of Jacob performing the track on this roof with footage of walking around Brixton. We have full access to roof and are good to shoot there with a crew of 5. There are railway tracks at the back so we would like to time parts of the track with trains passing in the background. 

Night Transition 

As Assassin begins his rap, we have 30 seconds of higher energy, we think that a quick transition into night time but at the same locations will look really good, and help communicate the change in energy. 


Styling / Wardrobe 

We weren't sure if you were showing the artists face in this video, as from my understanding he usually remains anonymous. We felt a hood could look good from behind, but could look hostile. An option would be to open with a shot of artist walking into barbers with hood up, then continues the rest of the video with hood down. 


Thank you 

Please direct any comments at or call 07837518918