Bad Breed - Video Treatment 

The video needs to be set in the context of a Hackney council estate, it tells the story of a boys struggle to fit in with the school system through a journey, through the estate and to school. 

The whole video will be broken up by different challenges that will stand for different issues that are faced in schools. I don't think that it is reasonable to expect to be able to film in a school, and I think that the journey to school is a really befitting and visual metaphor for growing up in school. 

reference for the visual of the video, I want more subtle cuts and to nail down our concept but it's a great start point

Growing up with video

Concept is simple, we see young Franklyn growing up through his journey.. to help sell this, we can change the video format as we jump through each Franklyn.. we shoot the first part on old super 8mm film .. move onto mini DV tapes and then finish on digital HD - the older formats will feel like we are looking through the past. It's a really nice way to show the boy 'growing up'... 

I think that the concept lends itself really well to the idea of moving through different types of cameras - starting on a classic super 8 


I think that we need to find a series of locations that we can string together to put together the full journey - would be good to get a narrative for the journey, here is waht I was thinking: 

Intro - Youngest Franklyn getting ready for school, he leaves the flat as the lyrics kick in 

We head down stairs (passing an interesting neighbour, a friendly one and an unfriendly one) - lift scene?

Walking through estate, meets a mate 

Play basketball

Encounter some older boys 

Bus / train? 




This is the next 'step up' in the video format- Mini DV footage. 

Feature 3

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